Shielding mats – under bed type

Protection against excesses of natural radiation – Geopathic Stress (water veins, fault lines, grid lines, …)

With the Geovital ‘geopathic stress’ protection products the problem of natural health burdens (water veins, grid lines, tectonic disturbances…) is easily addressed. Our system has proven to be a effective over the last 25 years.

Your protection starts with an assessment by a certified Geovital Geobiologist to determine which types of geopathic stress are present and their strengths. This information is documented and archived.

GEOVITAL does not offer geopathic stress solutions to clients without an assessment of the situation!

Shielding mats have a 3-month satisfaction guarantee, enabling mats to be trialled, and the mats can be returned if you don’t think it helping you (conditions apply). There is a high satisfaction rating, with returns globally being only 2% annually and this is mainly in November and December.