The memonizerBODY PENDANT is a 5G-ready personal, electro-smog harmonising technology that can be worn at all times.  Added to the range in 2020, the pendant comes with a leather thong and may be worn on any chain or necklace of your choice.

It is designed to work synergistically with the memonizerCOMBI and provides tremendous support when one is exposed to 3G, 4G and 5G radiation as well as wifi, bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

The memonizerBODY PENDANT is a strong and valuable accessory that can be worn on any necklace. It is the ideal companion for daily use and especially when travelling by bus, train or aircraft.

Positive effects on:

✔ Electromagnetic radiation
✔ Environmental stress
✔ The memonizerBODY pendant is nickel-free
✔ The memonizerBODY operates without magnetic or electronic components.

The memonizerBODY pendant is designed to support you when you are away from your memon-harmonized home or office. It is designed to be worn as a necklace around the neck and has a surface that is coated with diamond-like carbon which impresses with its sleek steel look.

Please note:

No product that is worn on the body is capable of replacing a memon-harmonized room. There is a significant difference between supporting your body which is what the pendant will do, and preventing negative influences reaching your body at all, as is the case with a completely memon-harmonized room using the memonizerCOMBI.  For this reason, the memonizerBODY pendant does NOT replace the memonizerCOMBI.